The museum is currently in the process of building a comprehensive digital database as part of its modernisation project. This massive task is presently under-way to make a greater range of information available to the general public and researchers, it will also help improve accessability to the collection and relevant information. Once the database is up and running this will be accessable both online and at the museum.

Meanwhile we have a sizeable archive of information relating to the Three Rivers area and its sites and landmarks as well as occassions of local interest in hardcopy.
Questions or Suggestions? 
Fantastic! Our friendly staff are always on hand to answers questions about the area or to put the enquirer in touch with a local expert, often a member of the museum, with an extensive first-hand knowledge of the subject. 

If you have any queries or would like to contribute your own research to the website / archives then please contact Ann Vernau at:

Group Visits

We welcome all school groups, guilds and societies alike. However as we do have limited space we ask that you book your visit in advance. Contact the Hon. Secretary on 01923 775882.

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School Groups:   Please contact the Hon Secretary in the first instance.

Guilds & Societies:     Please contact our Hon. Secretary:

Ann Vernau  (Hon. Secretary)
Telephone:    01923 775882

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Contact:  Barbara Owen (Chairman)
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