Our new photographer

61 30 1 551 Church of The Holy Cross Church Lane Sarratt 6 May 2022 Deborah Young

History is being made now, all the time. What we see now, today, will need to be remembered in - ten? twenty? years time. So a set of modern photos of our district is a really important historic record.

And we're delighted that Deborah Young has agreed to be our 'photographer of record'. She's already given us hundreds of her images of local places and events: they've been added to our collection, and we'll post a selection on this website. Many will also appear on our digital kiosk in the museum, so you can admire them there as well.

This is all part of making this website 'the place to come’ for the history of Three Rivers, its town and all its villages. You can contribute to it, and many people already are! “What was it like to live and work round here?” is equally, “What’s it like to be at school, and living and working round here, now?”

Contact us to tell us about it! [email protected].