Your museum is open again!

Interior 1

After several years, it was time for a freshen up. So we closed for the winter, and have been busy giving ourselves a new appearance.

The small 'William Penn' room at the back has suffered quite badly over the last few years, and needed quite a lot of work: and our carpet has become very tired. And in any case, we want to re-present ourselves, so that we can tell the story better - "What was it like to live and work round here?"

You'll see quite a change: we be open from Thursday 17th March, having repaired and repainted, moved things around (some of them out) and laid a new floor. We have new displays and exhibits, and some new ways of presenting our information, especially with a new digital display so that everyone can see, and hear, much more of our collection of photos as well as audio. And we'll be continuing to add to it!

The 'William Penn' room has been re-named, and we'll now know it as 'The Basing Room'. Part of the problem was that there's another William Penn room in the building, which caused confusion. And while our display to present William Penn is still prominent (but moved), there's more in the Basing Room than that.

The new flooring was laid in the first few days of February, and it's taken the collections team several weeks to lay out our new displays and get the digital 'kiosk' in, and up and running. It hasn't all gone back in the same place, and a number of favourite items have been given a rest. But we have a great wealth of material to tell our story, and some of that has been brought forward.

But now, we're ready! Come and see.

Our digital kiosk
Perhaps the biggest single introduction since we started! Visitors can search for, and select, photos and other things in which they're interested. It's nowhere near complete - we'll keep working on it, but it's ready for you to use.
A Metro-land display
We live in Metro-land. The Metropolitan Railway reached Rickmansworth in 1887 and Chorleywood in 1889, and the story of what that meant for the area has to be told. In addition to what's in this display you can see new images on the kiosk.
Activity Area
We've found space to have a small activity area, seen here being set up. It'll allow room for school parties to 'do things', and also give a small reading area in which our visitors can sit and read our extensive reference library.