The Museum's Collections

The chronology of Three Rivers

You can come and enjoy our collections, and very welcome you'll be: but you can also come and simply browse our Chronology Boards and learn about the whole timescale of Rickmansworth and all the communities around it which now make up Three Rivers District. 

The Chronology Boards were researched, prepared and set up as part of our 30th anniversary celebrations in 2018. Each community took part, and the result is the stunning, very simple but comprehensive information. If you want to know about the area's past, they're a very good place to start. 

And we also have a wide range of books, booklets, clippings and leaflets to interest you once you've got the general picture.            

Then you get to our collections. They're of two sorts: our physical collection, of artefacts, documents and photographs, is what you can see when you come into Basing House. And our digital collections, named the Barbara Owen Digital Archive in honour of our late Chairman, can be accessed, in part, on the internet through this website: and also, once we can get back into the museum to complete the work through dedicated computer terminals.  

Our physical collections are much larger than we can show at any one time, and our Collections Manager Pat Hamilton mounts frequently-changed exhibitions for you to enjoy. As soon as we can re-open you can see, for a little longer, our WW2 exhibition, featuring life in this area. And we have a display on Scotsbridge House, and on the story of the parish of St Mary the Virgin, Rickmansworth, which has now reached its 750th anniversary. 

Our digital collections, on which we're doing a great deal of work at the moment, include some audio recordings from our oral history project on life in WW2; a number of clips of local home-movies from the 1930s giving an insight into how a family lived, worked and holidayed; a large collection of more recent video recordings largely by our local 'recorder', Les Mead - some can be seen here; and a large collection of digitised photographs which now have to be fully catalogued - many can still be accessed here. Our digital collections will grow: and as they do so, we'll be able to describe them on this page.         

The museum is in the process (now badly interrupted) of building a comprehensive digital catalogue as part of our modernisation. This massive task will make a greater range of information available to the general public and researchers, and will improve access to the collections. Once the catalogue is up and running it will, of course, be available both online through this page and at the museum.

Meanwhile we have a sizeable archive of information relating to the Three Rivers area, its sites and landmarks as well as occasions of local interest in hardcopy.