Croxley Green

Croxley Windmill, Croxley Green

Croxley windmill was built in 1820 as a tower mill with cap, sails and a fantail to rotate the cap so that the sails faced into the wind. It served the area as a corn mill until the 1880s when a storm carried away the sails and damaged the cap. It was converted to steam power and used for a variety of purposes until the 1950s when it became a house and an extension was added to it. During the Second World War, it served as an air warden post and carried an air raid siren. The houses of Windmill Drive were later built on the fields surrounding the windmill so that today the mill can be quite hard to find. The building remains in private ownership as a house, although it is understood that the tower itself is no longer used. The photograph dates from 1950, before a decorative cap was restored to the top of the tower.

Durrants, Croxley Green & The Croxley Great Barn, Croxley Green

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