South Oxhey

Oxhey Chapel, South Oxhey

Oxhey Chapel was built by Sir James Altham in 1612 as a private chapel for Oxhey Place, originally the seat of the Heydon family during the reign of Elizabeth I. Although the house was twice demolished - in 1668 and again in 1799 - to be replaced by larger mansions, the chapel survived unaltered.

In 1947, the current South Oxhey housing estate was built within the grounds of Oxhey Place. The house was destroyed by fire in 1955 and the remaining buildings, despite intentions to convert them to community use, were also demolished during the 1950s, leaving Oxhey Chapel alone standing to represent the former estate. It can be found on Gosforth Lane in the grounds of the modern All Saints Church, a short walk from South Oxhey shopping centre.