Our vision, mission and values

In the beech wood

Our Vision is to be a well-recognised first point of contact for anyone interested in the history of the area covered by Three Rivers district, or wanting to know more about the heritage of the communities of the district and how their community fits into it.

Our Mission, as we work to achieve that, is to provide an accredited museum of local history which tells the story of what it was like, in the past, to live and work in this area.

Our Values are essential to our work. We are:

  • All-embracing and fair – no-one is excluded or disregarded.
  • Enthusiastic - without being dry.
  • Passionate - without being too serious.
  • Trustworthy – we do what we say we will.
  • Friendly – everyone should feel welcome.
  • Informative - without being pedantic.

Our Purpose may be summarised:

The Museum promotes and preserves, for the benefit of the public, a museum and local studies centre with material of archaeological, historical, artistic and social interest and importance to the people of and visitors to Three Rivers district.