Our collections, photo gallery and shop

Amy Costers Desk

This section will present at least some of the collections we hold. You can visit our photo gallery here or via the block below.

We can't display here everything we have, but we can illustrate at least some of the story of 'what it was like to live and work round here'. Some will be on display in the museum, and our displays will be refreshed from time to time. And some with be displayed digitally on our interactive digital display, although that will of course still depend on how much we've been able to digitise!

Just to introduce what we have - below we see a bread-making machine from the Chorleywood-based bread research establishment BBRA (later FMBRA); the pay booth from the butcher's shop in Chorleywood; and a coin from our collection of coins from various places and periods.

Bread Mixing Machine
(Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)
A coin from the reign of King Charles - but which?
One of the museum's extensive collection of coins from many places and periods. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)
Butchers Booth
Dating from the late 1940s and passed to us from a butcher's shop in Chorleywood. Its purpose was to separate the handling of the cash from the handling of the meat. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)

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