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We're a small museum team, providing a rapidly developing service which has many aspects.

You'll find here a selection of the roles we currently seek to fill. The list changes, and there may well be others that we've not posted here. In any case, use the contact form to tell us of your interest: we'll reply as soon as we can.

What happens then? We'll ask you to tell us about yourself (a CV is very helpful), and ask you to come into the museum to meet one or two of the management team. That will also give you the chance to see the museum, hear more about what we do, and discuss what the role entails.

If you're happy to join us, we may ask for a simple reference, and we'll go through our simple 'volunteer agreement', which allows you (and us) to be sure that what you're asked to do is what you agreed to do.

Our current roles

Front of house - our Stewards and greeters.

Collections Team member

Administration team member

Digital display and website contents team member

Marketing team member