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Three Rivers Museum is an all-volunteer operation. Many small museums have at least one paid staff member, often a museum professional, but we don’t.

But there’s still all the work to be done that any museum has to do – organising and looking after our volunteers and members, telling the public what we’re up to, developing our collections, keeping track of what we have (and what we’re being given), making sure we conserve and keep it properly, looking after the rooms themselves, and making sure our procedures and paperwork are up to date. We run an education programme, which needs people to deliver it, and to gives talks on a number of topics. And we’re developing a whole new way of presenting our collections digitally.

We have to open the museum, welcome our visitors and answer their many questions, some of which need research.

And we have to run a small company, with all that that involves.

So there’s a lot to do. The Three Rivers Museum is developing fast, and there’s a role for pretty well everyone. We need volunteers to

  • prepare material for our new digital platforms, especially our photos

  • act as room stewards and guides.

  • help with our conservation efforts

  • help record and arrange our displays and exhibits

  • give talks (in public) about our local history.

Go to our Volunteering page for more information.

And we also need your financial support. You'll see below the button to make a donation of any size – it will all help, and we’re grateful for it.

You might even like to consider a legacy in your will. That will no doubt be many years away: but with your help the Museum will be here to use it, and use it well.