Our digital collections

Skidmore token 1662

Our digital archive is named in memory of our late, great chairman, Barbara Owen.

We have several collections in the Barbara Owen digital archive - of images, audio and video recordings - and of course of 'things' and documents. We're working on our digital catalogues now, and they'll be here as soon as we can do that work. But in the museum we can show you many of the videos of the last several years of our story.

And you can find some of our photo archive here . It has both recent and older (some old) images: but we've recently joined the Rickmansworth Historical Society in digitising a large number of slides from our joint collection: a selection will be made available here over the next few weeks.

And we're working on setting up an interactive display, on which visitors will be able to select and find out about pretty well whatever we've been able to digitise: images, video, audio, copies of documents... - and much more besides!