Audio descriptions of some of our exhibits

When you visit the museum you'll be able to look at some of our exhibits and listen to a short audio file describing them.

The Cart and Horses pub - demolished in 1964, it stood on the corner of Bury Lane and the High Street, where the Riverside Pharmacy is now.

The Manor of the More, a great fifteenth century building owned by the Abbots of St Albans, notably Cardinal Wolsey, and before him Archbishop George Nevil, Lord Chancellor of England. When Wolsey fell from grace it passed to King Henry VIII and had several more occupants, but by the end of the sixteenth century it had subsided into the Colne valley mud and was demolished. It shouldn't be forgotten. The lion's head, now much worn, is almost our last link with the original manor house.

Metro-land- a vital part of the story of the development of Rickmansworth and Chorleywood, and later Croxley Green and west Watford.