Photo Gallery - Rickmansworth

Victorian villa opposite The Feathers pub Church St
C Jones Coachbuilder Church St
The Church Street premises of G. Jones and Son, coachbuilder and motor engineer, in about 1910. Jones was one of the early entrants into this market. Note that he refers to his premises as 'garage'. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)
Car and driver outside G Jones and Son Coachbuilders Pre 1914
G. Jones and Son were early motor car maintainers. By 1914 they had extensive garage premises in Church Street. Many of the vehicles will have been driven by chauffeurs, as here. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)
G Jones and Son Coachbuilders and motor engineers Church St
G. Jones and Son expanded their business quite quickly, and set up a modern garage facility. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)
Church St looking towards High St from The Feathers 1890
Church St looking towards High St, from The Feathers. This is dated about 1890, when 'Motors and Cycles' must have been a rare sight indeed. We think the man on the right was a postman. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)
Church St looking towards High st Cafe Suisse on right
Not all historic photos are old. Church Street looking towards the High Street, early 1960s before the demolition of the old Bell Inn in 1964. Cafe Suisse on the right. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection) (11/1/C/-)
Church St The Chequers Zerny Engineering Co H F Harris 1952
Church Street in 1952. The Zerny engineering company, making engineering components including pulley systems, had followed in 1947 Jones's garage. The neighbours were the butcher H.F. Harris and the Chequers. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)
Church St Rickmansworth showing Cafe Suisse E Bernard New and Georges Wine Bar 1988
Not all historic photos are old. Church Street Rickmansworth in 1988: Cafe Suisse, E Bernard New (homewares and bric-a-brac) and Georges Wine Bar. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)
Cinnamon Square bakery and cafe in Church St Rickmansworth 2009
Not all historic photos are old. Church Street, Rickmansworth in 2009 - the bakery Cinnamon Square. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection) (11/01/C/-)
Laying the sewer in Church St Rickmansworth 1902
A vital part of the development of the town. Laying the first sewer in Church Street in 1902. The upheaval and disruption in the town must have been enormous. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)
AA Sims shop Station Rd 1998
Not all historic photos are old. A. & A. Sims shop for garden and pet supplies in Station Road, 1998. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)
Fairway Tyres and shops in Station Rd 1992
Fairway Tyres and shops in Station Rd, 1992. They later moved to Mill End, where they still are. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)
Shops and The Sportsman pub in Station Rd 1963
Station Rd before demolition 1963. J&M Photocopies and other shops, with The Sportsman pub. Demolition materials being sold! (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)
Barclay and Co Bank Temporary office in Station Rd 1902
Barclays Bank's temporary office in Station Rd, 1902, before they moved to their present premises in Church Street. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)
Rowland and Co Estate Agent Station Rd Demolished 1963
Rowland and Co Estate Agent offices, Station Rd. Demolished 1963. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)
Station Rd Keepers Hill looking toward railway bridge 1910
Station Rd (Keepers Hill) looking towards the Metropolitan Railway bridge in about 1910. The sign on the bridge advertises the Metropolitan Railway Booking Office at the station, which had been built in 1887. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)
Rectory Rd towards Long Island 2012
From Rectory Road looking towards the Long Island Exchange (previously the Victoria Hotel) in 2012. It was demolished in 2018, to be replaced by flats. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)
Park Rd Bypass construction 1968
Rectory Road, already the Rickmansworth bypass, being widened in 1968.The Long Island Exchange is on the right, the station and car park on the left. The upheaval can be guessed at. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)
Rectory Rd during demolition of houses 1962 2
Rectory Road during demolition of houses, 1962. Much of this part of the town was to be redeveloped to make way for the bypass. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)
Rectory Rd parsonage Farm 1962
Parsonage Farm, off Rectory Road, in 1962. The farm house had been the manor house of Rickmansworth until 1559, when the manor was divided. John White farmed Parsonage Farm in the nineteenth century. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)
Rectory Road 1967
Rectory Road (junction with Uxbridge Road) in 1967, with the new bypass well under way heading up towards the station. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)
Solomons Hill 1963
Solomons Hill, spring 1963.The last of the winter's ice is in the centre, with a demolition, a very common sight round here at this time, under way in the distance. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)
Batchworth Mill
Batchworth Mill towers above London Road in about 1890. The 'Anchor and Hope' pub is on the right - the canal is off the picture on the left, with the White Bear behind the camera. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)
The White Bear, Batchworth
This must have been taken shortly after the rebuilding, with builder's rubble remaining. The photo notes, 'Mrs Bowen is the little girl in the doorway', but we don't yet know the significance of that. (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection 11/03/33)
Full Batchworth Panorama copy
A panorama of Rickmansworth taken from the mill chimney just it was demolished in 1910. This image is a composite of four photographs - it bears close scrutiny! (Three Rivers Museum Trust collection)