Carpenders Park

Carpenders Park has tended to be an overlooked part of Three Rivers. It was originally an estate based around a manor house of the same name, which later became a girls school, Highfields. This was demolished in 1960 to make way formarried quarters for United States Air Force personnel based at Ruislip, Northwood and other facilities in the area.

Once US personnel had been withdrawn in the mid-1990s these houses were in turn demolished in 1997/98. But most of the houses and bungalows of Carpenders Park were originally built in the 1930s. There was subsequent development in the 1950s, including some council housing built for the Watford Rural District Council, but the vast majority of the dwellings are privately owned.

The estate was significantly enlarged in the late 1960s. Many of these later houses have flat roofs, which is something of a feature of the area.

There is more to be written on the story of Carpenders Park, and it will be added as opportunity permits. Anyone who would like to contribute to it can contact the museum at [email protected].