Stitches in Time

Sewing our historic bunting!
Sewing our historic bunting!
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We've just started work on a whole new way of presenting the story of our area - and you can take part.

To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the setting up of Three Rivers district, we've selected 50 scenes from the story of the last thousand years (and more). They're being designed now to be sewn onto panels (bunting) to be displayed in the museum, and in various other places - libraries, schools, community halls - around the area. Each will have a short explanation in a leaflet of what it shows, and a longer description in a booklet, so that visitors can discover the story behind each piece.

We're grateful to Batchworth Community Council, Croxley Green Parish Council and to county councillors Phil Williams, Paula Hiscocks and Chris Lloyd for their financial support - we'll need more, though, and if anyone would like to contribute you can use the Donate button on this home page.

Sewing started in January and will go on through the spring. We have a sewing group which meets with our artist interpreter Sian Fenwick (next meeting in Rickmansworth Library on Monday 22 Jan, current planned future dates 9 Feb and 22 Feb, from 10 to 12 with venues tbc, but close to the museum). But there's lots to be done at home - you don't have to work in the group!

If you'd like to join the team in sewing a piece, or several pieces, contact us and we'll get back to you.