South Oxhey

Oxhey Wood school

Our display on South Oxhey is now open. It features edited interviews with local residents made in 1995, which you can hear here, along with plenty of images and items to jog your memory. We welcome residents (and former residents) of South Oxhey telling us what it was like to live and work in South Oxhey.

Our latest Blog on this website uses some of the articles we recently wrote for the Watford Observer on the story of the estate. And you can see a number of
images, and some maps, of the estate on the digital kiosk in the museum.

Waiting for the bus
A bus shelter for South Oxhey. This was a very familiar sight all over the country, with thousands of these concrete shelters provided in many places. (Three Rivers Museum collection)
Prestwick Road shopping area
This shopping precinct had flats above the shops, and the wide open roads seen here. It has since been redeveloped completely as part of the modern initiative to refurbish the heart of the estate.
Label from ceremony when keys to first house were handed over
This was quite a formal event to mark the opening of this whole estate, and no 50 Hayling Road had the honour. (Neil Hamilton collection)